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Financial Management

Our proven experience and success in the Corporate and Federal Sector for Financial Management is due to our unique ability to combine our expert knowledge of ERP systems and Accounting.

We are the true “Systems Accountants” that have the ability to understand ERP systems such as SAP combined with the knowledge of local, state and Federal regulations.

We have led Corporate and Federal Agencies into a new era of doing Financial Management by providing the ability to maintain controls over their Financials. This success led to new procedures, policies and tools to ensure all Financials were maintained on a real-time basis. The mandatory day to day financial analysis, monitoring and reconciliation of financial data is very detailed, tedious and time consuming for Federal, State or Private Corporations. Alexton maintains, develops and sets procedures for analysis and monitoring of Financial Management Systems as well as other integrated systems.

Our solutions are for clients across a broad spectrum of industries in both the private and federal sectors. Our adaptable thinking provides us the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the client’s business model, allowing Alexton professionals to best determine how to meet the client’s business needs.

In the areas of auditing and reconciliation, Alexton has developed robust auditing solutions that have allowed us to assist our clients in capturing and rectifying costly mistakes, helping to save billions of dollars and positively impacting the bottom lines of our clients.

Our Services Include:

Financial Internal controls
Real-time Monitoring of Financial Data
Financial to Operations Analysis and Audit – 360 degree management approach
Budget Formulation, Budget Execution, Financial Transactions Process in Federal ERP Systems
A-123 , A-133, OMB and Treasury guidelines and standards
Classify accounting Transactions
Internal Control and Monitoring Training
Data Integrity and Data Analysis
Monitoring of Transactions and Internal Controls – Designed Internal Control Applications
Review and Assist with Audit Findings, Improve Accounting Operations
Management and Detailed Level Reporting
Reconciliation of Financial Data
Financial Reporting Analysis and Review